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Jacob was chosen by God, yet he struggled with trying to control his own life and circumstances. Rising from a dysfunctional family, through years of manipulation he created chaos for his own family. However, this chosen one of God ultimately gives rise to the twelve tribes of Israel and the future line of the Messiah. Join us this weekend as we follow Jacob’s journey from deceiver to dreamer.


Reading Plan

These daily readings will help prepare you for the upcoming teaching you will hear this weekend at Grace Church. These passages will create some context for the sermon by showing you Scriptures the teacher might be quoting and some passages that contain related ideas. Our hope is that as you follow this reading plan, it will help you become more defined and directed by Scripture.

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Family Tree

Study Questions

  • WEEK 1: Two Nations


  • WEEK 2: The Fractured Family


  • WEEK 3: Jacob Flees


  • WEEK 4: Jacob's Dream


  • WEEK 5: The Deceiver Deceived


  • WEEK 6: Prayers and Pregnancies

  • WEEK 7: Jacob's Prosperity


  • WEEK 8: Laban's Pursuit


  • WEEK 9: "God Fights"


  • WEEK 10: Reconciliation


  • WEEK 11: Returnings


  • WEEK 12: Favoritism and Envy


  • WEEK 13: Israel Goes to Egypt


  • WEEK 14: Hope and Settled Faith


  • WEEK 15: Jacob's Final Words


Jacob's Ladder

  • Genesis 25-28

    Cheated his twin out of his birthright. Schemed with his mother to lie to his father. Ran away from his brother who wanted to kill him.

  • Genesis 29-31

    Worked for 14 years to marry a woman he loved. God made him prosperous, even when his uncle tried his best to cheat him.

  • Genesis 32

    Wrestled with God and prevailed. Saw God’s face and lived.

  • Genesis 32-46

    Reconciled with his brother. Disrupted his family through favoritism. The father of the twelve tribes of Israel, who moved his family to Egypt to survive.